I have a new home now.
Check my webpage on the profile page.

C ya there.


Knock Knock!!!

Befor you think of opening your mouth
and say something...

Think twice
Judge your self.. first then talk about others
if you could!


ME and the short hair

I have to admit this,
I am bad very very very bad
i just can't stop doing this to my self!

Since its short, i decided i can do it my self
and the end result was this,
short on the right, long on the left and very short top.

I did a funky hair cut to my self
i guess!


Love, passion, Compromise!

Real compromise is :

1- Not to drive this toy

2- Have less weekends and night hangouts with this:

3- Less dinner and breakfasts with these:


1- This Day

2- This lean:

3- And This passion:

And Be Able to:

1- have this again

And something else…

The thing is … would part 2 and 3 from the compromised groups understand?? Specially 2

Aaah galbi , sharayeeny ..jehazy al tanafousy…(koo7oo ko7oo ko7oo)


Muscular or Thin?



One more year to be added

I can't believe i survived another year
and here i am one more year older...


I feel 4 again :) !

With TONS of wierd, funny, sad, happy, crazy, kinky, ugly, beautiful, passionate experiences.. i say Adios last year and HOLA! a beautiful blooming year.
I'm expecting alot this year.

To all of you i dedicate:
Joy- By George winston.

Crazy World indeed! crazy mind as well.

When Women Concentrate..

The count down will start soon
to spread love and flowers
in a flingy world.

Women! they dont carry love and beauty on their shoulders!
They carry their love ones too

God bless.


Hard Game!

It's amazing how things change in matter of time
you babble all day about some issue
And the next thing you are accepting to follow those obligations
and lose those love one you have around and
go for the bond between you and the obligators
and love another strong bond between you
and the prohobited people you are suppose to be with.

Blood comes first.